Santa Ana Home Design Edition with Kaitlin Schilling

Inside Santa Ana Desert Style Home Living Room

Hospice nurse, blogger, palliative health coach (focusing on system management and quality of life) Kaitlin Schilling is taking on the lady boss persona by storm. Now, she is venturing into becoming a wellness entrepreneur as a health coach. Her purpose behind her private practice is to combine her expertise as a nurse and medical professional to help people one-on-one to make long lasting changes in health and wellness. Kaitlyn shares her Santa Ana home with her husband, Cody and cat. I chatted with Kaitlin on her new venture Hela Coaching, her blog Blossom Dessert, and all about her beautiful and cozy Santa Ana home.

I met Kaitlin when I was checking out the local church plant Reunion Church in Santa Ana, and she immediately invited me to her home where I gravitated towards her minimal interiors and her desert style pieces. “I’m interiors and my husband, Cody, is all exteriors,” Kaitlin adds. You can see Cody’s craftsmanship in their Schilling sign and bookshelf. Kaitlin and Cody’s hospitality nature has created their Santa Ana home into a home for their community’s weekly gatherings. “For me, a home means a place of refuge, a place of comfort and rest, freedom to grow and express yourself,” Schilling inquires. And that’s what a home should be. I hope you enjoy this Santa Ana home tour as much as I did. 

You can find more info about Hela Coaching here. Shop Kaitlin’s furniture and related pieces below. 

Inside Santa Ana Desert Style Home Dining Room
Inside Santa Ana Desert Style Home Living RoomInside Santa Ana Desert Style Home Kitchen
Inside Santa Ana Desert Style Home Bedroom Inside Santa Ana Desert Style Home BathroomInside Santa Ana Desert Style Home- DIY State SignInside Santa Ana Desert Style Home OfficeCan you tell me a little about yourself?

I grew up in Orange County, went to college in LA, and fell in love with the diversity. I moved back to OC, and lived here now for 8 years since graduating college to pursue work in Nursing. Biggest and best transition was moving to Santa Ana.

What drew you to your new home and/or neighborhood?

My husband and I decided to buy a house in Santa Ana for a church plant, Reunion Church. The process for purchasing the home was quite difficult. We made bids on it a couple times, finally got the place and it all fell into place. I love Urban areas, but living in Orange County was a little difficult. I became drawn to Santa Ana for its culture and art; it became a place our community felt called to church plant.

What do you love about living in this city?

We’ve been in Santa Ana for a year and a half. I love getting to know our neighbors. Our neighborhood is very family oriented.

What makes this home home for you?

Making this home together with my husband- he does exterior gardening and planting, I do interiors. We built a nest here. I love when my space feels clean; I can be creative in that place. I want it to feel nurturing for us. They feel a calmness when come and feel welcomed.

What does home mean to you?

For me, a home means a place of refuge, a place of comfort and rest, freedom to grow and express yourself. Also, a place to share with others.

What DIY projects have you done or will do in the future?

My husband made an art piece originally for our wedding. This is not a DIY made by me, but I love the macramé my friend bought me from Australia.

How would you describe your style?

The best way to describe my style is earthy tones– colors that you would find in nature. Colors that remind me of the sunset or sky. I try to be quite minimal- an open and neat space. My mantra is less is more. If I can put my style into words, it would be natural, mid-century modern with cozy comfort.

Where do you like to spend most of your time?

I love spending most of my time in my bed. A comfy bed is everything. Every single morning, I make coffee and a small breakfast in bed.

What is your favorite room/ object/ space?

This dining area; it’s where people gather. I love using this huge table when people are over for dinner. It reminds me of Jesus sharing food and feasting at the table with his disciples. A newer favorite space is the office, and shelves that my husband made.

Where do you like to shop for home décor?

I’ve collected most of my antiques from flea markets over the years. I like classic items that are timeless. I love love West Elm, Crate and Barrel, flea market like the Melrose Trading Post or the Rose Bowl Flea Market. I consistently shop at consignment stores in LA that specialize in mid-century modern antiques.

How do you tend to entertain?

My entertaining style is very casual. I love to do potlucks, and when guest are involved in the food process. I want people to feel like their hanging out when they’re here. The more the merrier.

What inspires you?

Music really inspires me. Most influential times in my life are always tied to music. My most vivid memories are artist and songs that speak to what I’m feeling at the time. I love classic rock: Eagles, Ryan Adams, something I can always go back to like Miles Davis. He always gets me in a creative mood to write or to produce something.

Can you tell me about your blog Blossom Dessert?

I started Blossom Dessert on a whim because I’ve always loved writing. Reflecting on God’s love, and using this platform to inspire myself and others. I use my blog for my spiritual and theological reflection, and to tell my story. I want to use creative writing to share on human experiences and on topics that are relatable to people.

Where does Blossom Dessert come from?

Blossom Dessert comes from Isaiah 35:1 where it reminds us of redemption, grace, old things being made new, life coming out of dry places. Water is broken off from the desert, but blossoming comes out, and God brings to life where there wasn’t life before.




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    September 10, 2017 at 7:13 am

    I love this post! I am about to move into my new apartment, so I love seeing all these design vibes to get me excited and give me some inspiration.

    xx Hannah

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      October 9, 2017 at 9:00 pm

      Thank you, Hannah! So kind of you!

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