Christmas Decorations

Christmas is in TWO days!!!! Time flies! As we prepare for this Christmas season and all that it brings, I am reminded of Joseph, Mary and the shepherds preparing for the coming of Jesus. He is to be celebrated and adored. Boy, will it be a party! 

Here are some of my favorite decorative pieces for this Christmas season. 

Apples: They make great centerpieces. Place apples and apple leaves on a big white plate and place in the middle of your dining table. 

Cinnamon/ rosemary: Goes great with apples. It also wouldn’t hurt to make some hot apple cider. Stick cinnamon sticks into any drink and you know your drinks won’t fail. 😉 They’re great for stirring your drinks too. Add a cinnamon stick to your table settings as well. 

Ornaments: Place a bunch of ornaments in a large clear glass vase, then set the vase on any counter. It adds some glam to your home. 

Berries: I love hot gluing fake berries on my DIY mason jar gifts, packaging, or handmade cards. 

Christmas Table Settings

Two years ago, I created this table setting with my bestie Kelly. 

Popcorn Garland

Popcorn Garland DIY: 

Materials: Unflavored popcorn, thread, and a needle. 

Directions: Just like you thread your clothing, cut your thread in the measurement of your tree. Mine was about 6 yards. Tie a double knot at one end. Using your needle, thread the popcorn through the thread until it meets the end. Finish the thread with another double knot. And there you have it!

Note: In my opinion, stale popcorn is a whole lot easier to thread. You can also add some cranberries to it, but be careful of ants. The popcorn garland can last for years. I’m still using mine from last year, and it’s still white as new. 

Last year, my family got our very first real Christmas tree and it looked absolutely beautiful on our tree. 

Popcorn Garland

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