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Handmade Pies Recipe

Made with love. Get your Pi on!!!!  It’s National Pi Day, and I am all pied out! Whether you have already snagged all the pie deals today or not, I thought creating your own pie sounded extra heart warming. Who knows, you might earn some extra brownie points from your family and friends for making it yourself on Pi Day as well. (That is, if you share of course!) I made these pies awhile back and felt like this post was most appropriate to share on Pi day, and you can plan on  ...

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Hey there! My apologies for the long hiatus– I’ve been spending these past few months focusing on school and self-development (deeply needed, always). I know I made a couple false promises earlier in the year, but consistency really is more difficult than it seems to be. With that, I would like to say thank you for stopping by my page and supporting me, and also taking 10 minutes to read my blog post- I DO hope you at least feel a sense of authenticity and inspiration  ...

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