Julie and Julia Child Inspired Galentine’s Day Party

Helloo everyone! It’s been too long since my presence has existed in the blog world. As many of you may know I started graduate school this past fall and it has been a crazy but amazing journey to say the least. 

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, but more than that, Galentine’s day is on its way too. Last year, my nearest and dearest, most-cutest friend Katie and I created a Galentine’s day gathering with our lady friends inspired by one of our favorite movies, Julie and Julia. In the movie, there’s a scene where Julia Child and her husband hosts a dinner party with all of Julia’s closest friends, and they pin their tops with paper hearts, toast around roses, and giggle about Julia and Paul’s love story. This scene is iconic to me because as Paul is recollecting the first time he fell in love with Julia Child. With tenderness, he states, “Anyway, so there we were in China– just friend– having dinner. And it turned out to be Julia. It turned out to be Julia all along. Julia, you are the butter to my bread, and the breath to my life. I love you darling girl.” As he professes his love for Julia Child, Julia pats her  paper heart. I’m not going to say what happens next because I’m tearing up just writing this. 

After watching this movie, my dream was to host a party just like Julia Child’s. A sweet, life-giving, and full of love and appreciation for the ladies I love party. If you have not seen Julie and Julia, you have no excuse not to watch it. Julie was 60% of the reason I started blogging in the first place. And whether you watch Julie and Julia or not, I hope you get inspired to create a Galentine’s day party with you and galpals. This year, I’m doing a simple wine and cheese night. Julie and Julia: Only the sweetest scene ever, you guys!

Julia Child is known for her french cuisine, and nothing speaks France quite like a charcuterie cheeseboard. If you didn’t know how talented my friend Katie Emsiek is at making mean cheeseboards, now you know. Cheeseboards are simple appetizers and party-starters to commence any party. She used a variety of charcuterie (prosciutto, salami, and pepperoni), sweet and savory crackers, hard cheeses, soft cheeses, goat cheese, the most delicious truffle almonds from Trader Joes, and dried oranges. We are avid believers that cheeseboards must have a variety of textures (something hard and something soft) and flavors (something sweet and something savory). Katie gave me some great advice on choosing cheeses for a cheeseboard that she learned whilst in Paris, France. She notes, “Choose three different types of cheeses: one from a cow, one from a goat, and one from a sheep.” WOW! okay, done! 

These vanilla cupcakes fulfills that sweet tooth feeling. I made raspberry frosting with all-natural food coloring dye. In a small pot, I simmered raspberries with half a cup of water. Then I drained the raspberries to make all-natural red food coloring. To get these cupcakes to have pink ombre nuances, I progressively added more drops of the all-natural raspberry food coloring to white frosting. I romanticized these cupcakes with rose pedals and miniature mat daisies because adding touches of flowers make everything look 10x better. Make these sweet treats for your next Galentine’s Day party; you can find the recipe here.

These mamas rocking their heart pins with their baby buns. 

I made flower arrangements in this European vase. Roses are the perfect representations of love and appreciation for the people around you. The other foliage was surprisingly garnered at my friend’s front yard. Galentine's Day PartyWe also embellished Katie’s backyard with paper chain garlands. Making these red, pink, and white paper chain garlands made us reminisce back to elementary school days where we had paper chains galore. 

Preview Changes (opens in a new window)Our hearty scrumptious nutritious lunch filled our bellies, and we spent the rest of the afternoon munching, sipping, and chatting about our passions and the abstract art of being a women. It was the loveliest Sunday afternoon to say the least with these strong and amazing women. May you fill your Galentine’s Day with love and appreciation. 







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