How To Have The Perfect Getaway In Ojai, California

Explore Ojai, Shop Summer Camp

If you’re looking to run away from you adulting problems (quarter life crisis for me), here’s a guide on how to do it– Hop in the vehicle and take a road trip to Ojai, CA. Ojai is the perfect escape from the fast-paced city to a serene land filled with the best wine, olive oil tastings, cacti-filled shops, and delicious cheese boards. I have the most perfect Ojai travel guide for you. My little escape was only a one day trip, but I see Ojai as a perfect staycation for a couple days. Best places to stay in Ojai are Ojai Valley Inn and Ojai Rancho Inn

1. Invite your people by sending them a cute invite from Paperless Post: Before you figure out things to do in Ojai, make an invite through Paperless Post. Here was mine. What I love about Paperless Post is that it’s free, easy to create, and actually paperless (saving them trees and all), and there are so many adorable designs to choose from. Once you have gathered you’re crew, hit the road, and drive by the ocean as much as possible. Typically, I like to throw in the car some on-the-road snacks and water bottles. 

Paperless Post- Ojai Travel Guide

2. Hit up Ojai’s best coffee and bakery shop: Once you have your crew together, start the day with a tasty cup of joe from Beacon Coffee and delectable pastries from Knead Baking Company.Ojai Travel Guide- Knead Baking Company3. Explore Ojai’s small shops: Ojai is brimming with clothing and trinket shops that are all in a close proximity. Right off the side of the road, you’ll find the most adorable home and lifestyle shop called Shop Summer Camp. This store is filled with a plethora of cacti and cute sweatshirts that says oh, hi. Continue to stroll down Ojai Avenue, and you’ll find Bart’s Books and other lovely shops. ( I really liked Fig Curated Living.) 
Ojai Travel Guide- Shop Summer CampCacti galore aka my heaven.Ojai Travel Guide- Shop Summer Camp
Ojai Travel Guide- Shop Summer Camp
Ojai Travel Guide- Shop Summer Camp4. Grab a midday munchie at Ojai’s eateries: Ojai is notorious for olive oil tastings (try stopping by Ojai Olive Oil Company) and a wide spread assortment of delicious wineries, so you’ll see that their Italian food does not disappoint. I highly recommend eating at Osteria Monte Grappa. Their pastas looked delicious and had great reviews. This time around, we went to Ojai Harvest–less for the food and drinks, but more for the ambiance. Ojai Travel Guide- Ojai Harvest RestaurantI love the summery, earthy vibes that Ojai Harvest embodies. 

Ojai Travel Guide- Ojai Harvest RestaurantOjai Travel Guide- Ojai Harvest Restaurant

5. Take a drive through the winding roads of Ojai, before you know it, you’ll find yourself wine tasting through the most aromatic varieties: Ojai’s vineyards are beaming with rows and rows of vineyards. The wine culture in Ojai is unbelievable and endless. We had the most humbling and profound wine tasting experience at Bob and Lisa’s home curated into their own winery for visitors to taste called the End of the Road Winery. I plan on dedicating another post to this wine tasting experience. This winery made my whole entire trip worthwhile. Truly a hidden gem… you’ll see. 
Ojai Travel Guide- Tipple and Ramble (Wine Bar and Shop)6. The party doesn’t stop as you continue on your Ojai journey, you’ll find yourself sipping more robust wine and munching on more decadent cheeses: For an afternoon snack, I highly recommend going to Tipple and Ramble. Tipple and Ramble offers a selection of red and white wines and cheese boards. I find this spot the perfect lounging area from a long day of exploring the great regions of Ojai. Here, you can rest in their beautiful garden, or lie on their hammock, or explore their mini shop where you’ll find totes, blankets, cocktail ware, food items, and decor. Ojai Travel Guide- Tipple and Ramble (Wine Bar and Shop)Cutest destination ever!
Ojai Travel Guide- Tipple and Ramble (Wine Bar and Shop)Ojai Travel Guide- Tipple and Ramble (Wine Bar and Shop)Ojai Travel Guide- Tipple and Ramble (Wine Bar and Shop)

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