Spring is in full bloom, and it is now time to take off your winter wreath and dress up your front door with a delightful and elegant spring wreath. Back in 2012, I made my first ever winter wreath with artificial pine and lots of poinsettia that I hot glued and sealed. This year, I’m kicking it up a notch, and creating a spring wreath embellished with lots of citrus fruits and eucalyptus. I thought perhaps this wreath would instigate birds and bees to knock on our front door, but it hasn’t– it has only left our front door smelling heavenly and quite visually illuminating. The only downfall is that you will need to replenish the citrus leaves every other week to keep the wreath looking fresh. (They die just a little too quickly. I usually just pull the leaves out and stick new ones back in, thanks to my kumquat tree.)


wire wreath frame (any size)

floral wire

– eucalyptus (or other foliage)

gardening scissors

– kumquats and leaves (all things citrusie)

– lemons (i used lemon soap imported from italy aka capri– a gift from a friend 😉

hot glue


  1. using your wreath frame, line up and arrange the leave to ensure fullness (you’ll want to go in the same direction), and so you know where you want to place everything. Eucalyptus on bottom, citrus leaves on top.
  2. cut multiple strips of 2 inch wire.  
  3. using the wire, wrap the leaves tightly multiple times to make sure the leaves are secured onto the frame. 
  4. hot glue lemons onto the frame. 

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