Fall Wreath DIY

Dress up your front door with this fall wreath before all your guest arrive for your Friendsgiving/Thanksgiving feast. As Thanksgiving creeps in, you’ll want to create a fall atmosphere to celebrate gratitude.

I created this wreath out of an old junky wreath I bought years back. I decided to embellish the wreath with harvest wheat and foliage. 

Harvest Wheat Wreath DIY:

  • 1 grapevine wreath
  • wheat bunch
  • foliage
  • sunflower stem
  • hot glue
  • floral wire
  1. Place wheat, foliage, and flower on wreath before gluing and wiring. Make adjustments as needed.
  2. Scatter the bundles of wheat in order to give the wreath a nice messy look. Cut the stems off the bundles of wheat that hanging off the wreath. Leave enough space for wiring. 
  3. Hot glue foliage and sunflower to the wreath. These help with hiding the ugly parts or the wheat stems at the end. 
  4. Well, there you have it: A lovely harvest wreath. 

Fall Wreath

Unrelated, but lately some thoughts: I’m doing a lot of last minute food prepping and decorating, but I plan on making a fall vegetable tart with a squash lattice, an apple crumble pie, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and possibly mac and cheese. Ambitious, you might say, but really if you know me, this is usually how I roll. Then, I wear myself out and get sick. (It’s not like I already am or anything.)

Although, even with all the perpetual amounts of food and cheer this holiday brings, I love how sweet the Lord reminds me to keep a gracious attitude. Lately, I heard a message by one of my close friends the importance of practicing thankfulness, especially for our own mental health. When we seek daily an attitude of thankfulness, we start to let go of all the negativity and start practicing an active positive attitude. The Lord has given me so many blessings that I honestly don’t understand how I deserve. I get to be alive, and an active citizen pursuing His kingdom in this messy world. That in itself, is a true gift. Try meditating on three things you’re thankful for that day every night before you go to sleep. Will you join me in pursuing thankfulness this holiday season? 

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