Halloween Goodie Bags Filled With Churro Popcorn



How is it already October? I so badly wanted to post on October 3rd and reference Mean Girls but my camera was completely in the wrong settings, and I had to start all over (twice!). Has anyone ever had this problem? #bloggerlife It’s been bit of time since I’ve posted, but I’m hoping to post at least every week (on Wednesday!). Be on the lookout.

California is finally recognizing seasons actually change, and the weather is finally getting cooler. (woohoo!) At least for a little bit. I really really love fall as I would fervently mention over and over again throughout my blog. So today, I’m sharing with you some of my current fall decor/snack. 

Let’s start with cinnamon sugar in everything. I created this brown butter cinnamon sugar churro popcorn which literally takes me 5 minutes to make below. They’re SO addicting to munch on. 


Churro Popcorn: (use the 1-rule)

-1 bag of natural butter flavor microwave popcorn

-1 tbsp organic salted butter, melted

-1 tbsp brown sugar

-1 tbsp cinnamon

Microwave popcorn for 1 minute and 10 seconds. Do not over pop, otherwise they could burn. In a large bowl, stir popcorn with melted butter. Then, toss with brown sugar and cinnamon. Yum!



I made this back when I was in high school for some friends. It’s so cute! Fill bags with popcorn!

Halloween party favor bags 

– brown paper bags

– yellow paper, cut into circles

– black ribbon

– stamp letters

– hole punch plier

Using your letter stamps, stamp ‘boo’ on the left bottom corner of the brown paper bag. Next, fold the top corners together like you would making a paper airplane. Fold the tip point down to create the bag into a house shape. Glue yellow circles on the right corner of the paper bag. Hole punch paper bag, two holes to tie each ribbon. Open bag and fill with popcorn, candy, or other treats. Fold paper bag back and tie single knot with black ribbon. 

adapted by Martha Stewart Living

Bat Vase

– white vase

– bat washi tape

–  wheat

Decorate vase with washi tape bats. These materials are purchased from Target. Place wheat in vase. You may purchase wheat here.  

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