As you may have heard, I’ve been TLC-ing my place like crazy. One of which is my bathroom which is in much need of a pop of color. I made four of these cute marble vanity trays and they have been scattered around my bedroom, bathroom, and living room. I store much of my daily essentials on these trays. From perfume and plants to essential oils and jewelry, these marble trays hold them all. They’re also way less expensive than marble trays you would typically find online or in stores. Those cost up to 150 dollars a pop.


Marble Vanity Tray DIY:

You will need:

  • marble adhesive (Can be purchased at Walmart or Amazon.)
  • 12in x 16in wooden board ( I bought a long wood board from home depot that allowed me to make double and 2 small ones.)
  • 2 drawer handles 
  • 2 small nails for handles
  • drill
  • ruler
  • 4 circle felt pads
  • optional: epoxy glue
  • optional: masking tape (for accuracy purposes)


  1. Clean or sand wooden board. Make sure there aren’t any specs or dust lingering. 
  2. Measure out marble adhesive until it reaches about an inch past the wooden board on each side. (The adhesive should be able to wrap to the back.) Then cut. 
  3. Peel the wax off the sticker, then carefully place board onto the center. (Don’t worry about perfection, no one will notice the back anyway.)
  4. Slide hands across the board so you know your adhesive adheres to the board.
  5. Next, glide index finger along the long side of your adhesive as you wrap your board so that it neatly folds over. (Almost as if you were wrapping a Christmas present.) Repeat on each side, then fold both corners over. 
  6. Place felt pads on the back corners. 
  7. For handles, using a ruler, measure the center of both short ends of the board and find a good placement for the handle right in the middle and half to one inch away from the edge. Mark with a pencil where holes will be drilled. For accuracy and measurement purposes, I used masking tape to make corners where the handles would be drilled, then penciled in where I would drill the holes. 
  8. Lastly, I drilled holes and screwed both handles into place and peeled off masking tape. Well, there you have it folks. 

*If you use epoxy glue instead to attach the handles, make sure to let glue dry overnight before using. 

Note: You may easily have purchased cheap marble tile or slab at any hardware store, but I decided to go with a lighter board. They would make great serving trays too. 


On the trays: Herbivore Sea Salt Spray, Honest Beauty products, Voluspa Candle, and Warby Parker glasses


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