snapshots of my summer 

  • I’ve been catching up on a lot of reading/magazines, Law and Order, and much needed rest.
  • Cooking a whole lot. (Recipes are coming at you soon!)
  • I’m doing a little (okay, a lot) of TLC at my place. 
  • Becoming plant mom is hard. I have way too many succulents to care for at the moment. 
  • Taking advantage of the beach. (I really haven’t living here in SoCal.)
  • I bought my first pair of flares in over 14 years. (Can’t wait to take these bad boys out for a ride!)

OKAY, real talk! It’s been a long long while since I’ve blogged. (Guess I wasn’t being completely honest when I said, “I’ll be back soon.”) But, I’m here, and I hope to be blogging more consistently.  I’ve been taking some time to refocus on life and self-reflect on what’s important in my life by spending more of my days with the Lord. I found myself getting caught up in making my life look like a pretty picture, when in fact, it was and is not. I work and am in the process of going to grad school. I don’t have my life figured out and that seems to be the reality for many people in their early-20’s and beyond. My work-life balance is consuming and really difficult to juggle. 

Funny isn’t it? How different our lives turned out to be than what we envisioned it to be a decade ago. Coming back from trips throughout the year, I came home feeling scattered by so many endeavors. In the midst of chaos and wandering, I found myself in a place where I needed to fully surrender and put my full dependence on the Lord. I realized I was placing my identity in my relationships with people, my work, and school, completely forgetting that I am a daughter of a King who is seated on the throne.

Psalm 46:10 says “Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!” I hope this speaks truth in your life in remembering whatever season you are in, He is still God. 


This picture is from my birthday back in May. I had a fiesta-themed party and made a cactus pinata. TACO BOUT A PARTY…It was SO legit. Also, do you spy a baby pinata?


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