Easter Egg Shell Vase

Easter Egg Shell Vase

Happy first week of spring!! It’s officially (for realz!) the first week of spring and I can not be more thrilled, not to mention, it’s Holy Week. Which means, Easter is just around the corner. I’m looking forward to a time to just be completely thankful. Thankful for my God who loves me, thankful for the cross, thankful Jesus is no longer in the tomb, thankful for the life and freedom, and love. Just thankful. Since I’ve met the Lord, my life has never been the same. So join me in celebrating thankfulness. 

“For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.” Colossians 3:3

I created this cute DIY egg shell vase to brighten up your space and get ready to celebrate Easter with the people you love. 

Current mood: listen to I Am Mountain by Gungor. I went to their concert last week and have been obsessed with this song since. 

Easter Egg Shell Vase

You’ll need: 

-large eggs (you may use goose eggs for a larger appear, I used chicken eggs)


-paints and brushes



-flowers or succulents 

-Egg Holders (you may use a spirit measure cup, a tiny shot glass, egg carton or anything to hold the egg up, I used a circular container I found)

  1. Wash eggs and dry with tea towel. Carefully crack eggs from the top (pointy side). Then, rip shells out from top to create a round whole. 
  2. Paint your eggs upon desire. Be creative. I used a sharpie and created faces on one side and polka-dots on the other side.
  3. Fill your egg with soil or water depending on the plant
  4. Stick the flower or succulent right through. (For succulents, you might want to poke a hole in the soil before sticking the plant in.)
  5. Set egg on egg holder. (Feel free to hot glue egg to your container)
  6. Don’t forget to water them. And that’s it. Simple. And. Easy. 

Easter Egg Shell Vase

Be creative and change up your egg facade. 

Easter Egg Shell Vase


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