ONE: Monogram Mugs from Anthropologie | TWO: 2016 Birch Floral Planner from Rifle Paper Company | THREE: Long Distance Heart Frame from Etsy | FOUR: Lipstick from Nars | FIVE: Doughnut Pan from Bed Bath and Beyond | SIX: Pots from Anthropologie | SEVEN: Candle from A Secret Admirer | EIGHT: Personalized Bar Necklace from Urban Outfitters


Marky and I became friends when I first started UW and knew no one at the time. We met through a mutual friend at Yogurtland and have been friends ever since. I recall stopping by her dorm room during our junior year because I had break time and needed somewhere to chill. Soon after, we were randomly selected to ride up together to my first conference with our Christian fellowship, Asian American Intervarsity. I can’t even remember how we became close, but I do remember going through a really hard time finding my place in Washington and Marky sticking by my side through all of it and encouraging me with words from scripture. From there, it seems as though the Lord kept giving us to opportunities to recognize how meant to be besties we truly are. I find it amazing how well Jesus puts people in your life just at the right time. It’s funny how often we unintentionally matched (and our life happenings aligned so well) and we liked all the same things. The next year, we ended up taking the same course and then we became roommates. As roomies, our biggest love language was gift-giving. We loved surprising each other with our favorite things. We were so couply (lol!) but it was such a blessing to live with your best friend. Now, even miles away from each other, we somehow manage to continue growing, encouraging, and sending little packages to each other. So in honor of my best friend’s birthday, I made a list of gift ideas for her (your best friend). 

ONE: Our fav mugs! We lovey personalized monogram items. It’s so special to us. Anthropologie has a wide variety of different colors for each letter.

TWO: You can’t go wrong with Rifle Paper Company items. We love their planners, phone cases, prints, journals. 

THREE: Maps make a perfect decorative staple. Marky and I feel like we are basically in a long distance relationship so this gift would be easy, simple but thoughtful at the same time for any long distance relationship. 

FOUR: Every opportunity we had to red lip it, we did. Find a poppy color and go wild with it. 

FIVE: I sent this in a package to Marky because we are huge DOUGHNUT fans! (But who isnt?) I added sprinkles to the package as well. But you can mix it up– add boxed frosting to your package and an apron. 

SIX: The plant mom in Marky. This one’s especially for you!

SEVEN: Our absolute favorite scent. Voluspa candles are everywhere. Their scent: Capri Blue Volcano smells out of this world. MMMmmmmmm

EIGHT: Personalized best friend necklaces. So elegant. So simple. Just add each other’s initials. 


Print from Sweeter Than Honey Shop

Mariko– Thanks for being a blessing to my life and sticking by my side even through the hardest of times. I LOVE YOU MOSTEST! 


  1. Kelsey

    November 14, 2015 at 11:01 pm

    I love this!! Renee recommended I follow you and I love everything about this blog. This is the cutest post.

    1. admin

      November 17, 2015 at 5:21 pm

      Hi Kelsey,

      Wow thank you so much. Renee is wonderful! I love your blog as well. Great aesthetics!!


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