Outfit Pick of the Day

Outfit Pick of the Day

Twisted Scarves

Outfit Pick of the Day

Waking up 10 minutes before you’re supposed to be stepping outside and locking up your front door is never ideal, but what can ya do? Get dressed and carry on, I suppose.

Seattle’s weather is always unpredictable and its sun, often untrustworthy. So given today’s cloudy skies, fall’s deceptive sun, and five minutes to put an outfit together, I decided to go with a classic white button up and a vintage wool vest my mom gifted to me earlier this year. In a rush, I grabbed two of my favorite fall scarves, twisted them into one, and hung them around my neck – v. fall-esque, and perfect for keeping me at a comfortable temperature throughout the day. Making our way down, I threw on black jeans – always a good idea – and these brown heels. (Note: I was torn between these and black booties (either probably looks fine), but I went with these because of the rubber bottoms, which can add a little more stability in case it rains and streets get slippery.)

This looks is probably one of my favorites only because it combines class and comfort into one, and can easily be dressed up or down depending on your choice of accessories, shoes, etc.


Tina Yun | Seattle, Washington

Outfit Pick of the Day

Scarves from H&M | Button up shirt from JCrew | Vest from mama | Jeans from Urban Outfitters | Booties from Target | Glasses from Balmain

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